The Satpanth Ismaili Muslims of South Asia have a beautiful tradition of religious poetry called Ginans which they have sung for many centuries in daily rituals. This small Shi'a community has spread form India to other contintents, but it has held fast to the practice of singing Ginans.

Composed in Indian languages and idiom, the Ginans illustrate how Muslims were influenced by the surrounding cultures and philosophies, and created new ways of expressing their beliefs and values. Although this living tradition of religious songs is central to Ismaili practice, only a handful of studies have delt with the subject.

Up-Coming Conferences

London Conference 2011

The Association for the Study of Ginans is pleased to inform you that the next 2-day Ginan Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Brentford Lock, London on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October 2011.

The two day event features presentations by eminent scholars from across the globe and the recitation of Ginans, Qasida and garba on Saturday evening.

This event follows the very successful 3-day conference held at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada during April/May 2011.

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Modern Islamic Art: The entrance of the congregation hall of the Ismaili Muslims in Dubai

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